Finally, a mix site with an efficient foot print. Our 16 x 16 x 34" mix site combines sound, lighting and spot light positions all in one unit.

American Mobile Staging-40-28


Plenty of space on the lower level with room for several consoles. The roof height at this level is almost 10ft high producing a very open mixing environment.


American Mobile Staging-40-28


Sets up in just over one hour.


Our Front Of House stages can accommodate lighting and camera crew on the roof during events.

American Mobile Staging-24-20


Meet the most demanding band riders by providing 4 spot lights on the top level. This level can also be used for play by play announcements.


Seen here set up 85 feet in front of our 40 x 24 stage.


American Mobile Staging-24-20


The mix site has 7 zip up doors to provide ventilation on all 4 sides. The unit can also be zipped up to provide 100% protection from the elements during and after the show.


American Mobile Staging-16-16


This professionally designed Front Of House stage can be setup by American Mobile Staging in just over one hour,



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